Thursday, June 6, 2013

ZnetShows June Partner Challenge

 Whew! Excitement is in the air! Summer has arrived in Texas in full force - we're already in the 90's.

Then..... Bill with ZnetShows asked if I'd be interested in participating in a June Partner Challenge. That sounded very interesting! So I told Hope Smitherman - SIGN ME UP!

Partner Challenge??!! How's that going to work?  -  Each partner will pick 7 items from ZnetShows for the other partner. It's a SURPRISE package!! Hopefully interesting & definitely a challenge!  :)  Could be very Exciting!

Inspiration:  THE BEACH - ZnetShows has provided us with a few pictures of inspiration on their pinterest page. These beautiful shots really make me wish I was at the beach! 

My Partner:  Christina Miles  -- woohoo! As some of you might know. Christina was one of the winners in the BSPB #7 AND a double winner in the last Znetshows Challenge. So how cool is that!!!!

Challenge:  All designs must be in by July 6th! Not much time to get your beads & get to work!

Stay tuned to see what all the ZnetShows Design Team Designers create .........

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