Sunday, June 2, 2013


Metallic Seed Bead Splendor

by Nancy Zellers
published by Kalmbach

Recently I received this book from Kalmbach to review.  I found it to be an extremely interesting and very beautiful book!  Sometimes I feel like metallic can be gaudy, but that is obviously NOT always the case! The 29 projects in this book have something for everyone and are rather elegant, NOT gaudy.

Nancy begins the book with a fabulous, yet simple explanation of metallic beads, the differences and the similarities. This I found useful in how I would make my choice on which beads to use with a particular project. She even explains how to determine whether a bead will hold up over time or will damage easily based on your skin type. Good to know!!!

There are great pictures, photographs, and illustrations of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms, and pendants.  Each project is laid out with materials, stitches, and directions for the project with details and tips. These are very easy to follow, especially for those of us who don't regularly seed bead.

For example, I love the Opposites Attract Bracelets on pages 19-21. She shows how to make two bracelets with peyote stitch by using opposite colors in each pattern. By alternating the color this way, two unique bracelets are made and yet similar if you look hard enough. I love making adaptions of projects I see pictures of or read about. There are so many possibilities with these bracelets, I honestly can't wait to give it a try. Then if you throw in the color contrast, you can really let your imagination run wild because you wouldn't HAVE to use metallic beads!

 Isn't this interesting looking? Just let your imagination run wild!

There are also simple projects for the beginner. For example, the St. Petersburg Choker and Earrings on page 22 or Going Baroque With Pearls bracelet on page 41 are simple enough for a beginner to do. 

 Pretty and dainty, too!

I'm definitely no expert, but recently I adapted the Going Baroque With Pearls bracelet to make an anklet for the Anklet Blog Hop hosted by Kashmira Patel. I didn't have any metallic beads that matched pearl beads I had and since it was extremely late the night I decided to give it a try, midnight, I couldn't really go to the store for beads. However, I was able to lengthen the bracelet to an anklet (10 inches instead of 7) and change the beads with a little adjustment in numbers. It worked very well!  The best part is I can repeat it any time with other colors and beads.

Then there are projects for the more advanced beader; The Dragon Pearls Necklace and Earrings on page 68 or the Gold Lace Cuff on page 29.

At the end of the book, Tools For Beading, is a great page of information for the beginner seed beader. It is very informative and easy to understand. This is followed by 7 pages of Stitch Basics which are a great reminder and very helpful to those of us who only seed bead occasionally. I was able to refer to these pages throughout the book refreshing my memory on certain stitches I haven't used recently.

It's a great book for all! I highly recommend it. You can even go to Kalmbach for another preview of a few pages and projects. :)


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! How gorgeous is that! I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who can do chainmaille. This is gorgeous! And love the colors and the design...oh well, everything about the second one! Would totally wear them both!

    Thanks SO much for taking time out for this...and posting after a long, hot day! You're awesome!

    1. Thank you, I had fun making these anklets. This book on metallics had some interesting points on beads & skin types.

  2. Sounds like an interesting book, although I'm not really into seed beading. I like the bracelet you made into an anklet. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Kay, It is a very interesting book with some really great ideas!


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