Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Braunfels Market Days

We discovered a wonderful new place to shop - New Braunfels Market Days. It's open every Saturday from 9 to 1, rain or shine. Many booths have homemade items from foods to clothes to jewelry. Even a booth for homemade animal treats & foods. Also the sponsors feature live outdoor music to shop by! Another wonderful feature is the organic & home grown fruits & vegetables. I was able to purchase some wonderful homemade garlic & spinach linquine and at another booth, fresh homemade mozzarella cheese, and at yet another booth sweet green onions. Yummy!

At our booth, we featured our jams, of course, with all kinds of peppers. The most popular were the Apricot Orange Habanera and Strawberry Chipotle. It was so much fun to watch as people tasted the jam & see how their taste buds registered the sweet & peppers on their tongues. For those of you who don't know, our taste buds register different flavors in different places on our tongue. It is quite an interesting experience.

The newest addition to our pepper line is candy. This week we featured Habanera Fudge, Raspberry Habanera Toffee, a mild & hot version of Jalapeno Toffee, & hot Habanera Toffee. They are all good; if I do say so myself; but the most popular at this show was the hot Habanera Fudge &  hot  Jalapeno Toffee. The mild Habanera Fudge and Raspberry Habanera Toffee are so mild the young children who stopped by the booth with their parents could eat these without a problem.

We will be at New Braunfels Market Days again at the end of March. Come by & see us. We will have samples to taste!