Thursday, June 13, 2013

ZnetShows Baby Conch Creation

The baby Conchs were in the mail last Sunday when I got home at 2 a.m. ---- YEAH!!!

Aren't they cute?!!!

First, I made a Celtic Chainmaille bracelet of silver and gold.

Second, I added all the beads - baby Conchs, Czech & Chinese crystals, Malachite chips, and Citrine.

Asymmetrical earrings to match with a tiny bit of Celtic Chainmaille. 
 The complete set. It sounds so musical when worn! I love it!


  1. LOL you are soooo right! Love your bracelet. We do have great taste in jewelry...I love too that you mixed your colors...Awesome earrings! Oh, and I have my bead mix you picked out for me...LOVE THEM...working on ideas already...HUGS..

  2. How fun! I love the mismatched earrings and all the color you were able to pump into that bracelet. I especially like that you mixed the metals so it can go with anything. Brilliant job!

  3. Pretty little things, aren't they? PS your photography is GREAT, I can see all the little details when I zoom. Yay!!

  4. Great pieces. I just got mine and haven't gotten started on my pieces yet. Have a couple of ideas.

  5. Great job! Lovely set - you mixed all the colors up into a yummy bead creation.

  6. really fun pieces! these baby conchs were a lot of fun to play with


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