Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nina Designs & My Creations!

Back in January, I contacted DeAnna at Nina Designs about joining the Nina Designs Blog Partners. They have also launched a new Blog Partnership Program on Facebook that I find very exciting. So when DeAnna e-mailed me that I would be accepted to join, I was ecstatic! At the end of March, Nina Designs sent me findings, charms, and leather cording - gold tone and green. What's not to like about those colors!

The "package" arrived while Art & I were in Florida visiting our daughter & son-in-law. When we got home & I opened it, I was so excited to get started I forgot to take pictures of "the items". :(  What a ding dong!  Everyone knows you take pictures BEFORE you start work on creating! Two days later, my mom had a black spot in her left eye & couldn't see. So the next few weeks were taken up with doctor visits to specialists to find out what was wrong. Long story - short - wet macular degeneration! Oh boy! Anyway, I did take pictures but it was after work began. Sorry DeAnna!

These pictures are from the links DeAnna sent me. Nina Designs has a great website and a very nice selection of product.
Sage deer hide leather cord
Bighorn sheep skull pendant

Small circle link
heart charm
Branch toggle

Feather charm
Ear wires


When I remembered to take a picture, it was about midnight. Really not the best time to take pictures!
With non-tarnish gold wire, I wired the small circle links together loose enough so they move & float on the wrist. Then I braided the leather & wired the ends of it.
Next, I wound the leather braid through the two center circle links only & attached it at each end of the bracelet but not to the toggle.

Then it was on to attaching the pendant, the charms & a few gemstones. I used some jade prism  & cylindrical beads that I purchased at a bead show in Austin, TX a few years ago. The color is a perfect match to the leather & looks soooo good together.

Finally, the earrings - a piece of braid, a circle link, a charm for each (I used a feather on one & a heart on the other as I do like things asymmetrical on occasion), and a bead.

         My Creations!  

Thank you Nina Designs for allowing me the privilege of working with you and I hope we can do it again.  Nina Designs can also be found on Facebook at

The materials above were provided as part of the Nina Designs blogging program. The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.


  1. Wow, Karla, that braided leather adds such a rich look to your design. What wonderful components you were sent!

    1. Thanks Monique,
      I loved the components Nina Designs sent! I haven't worked with leather in years. Love the texture & color too. :)

  2. What great creations. Love the braided leather on both the bracelet and earrings. Really like it as one of the dangles on the earrings, though. Congrats.

    1. This was a fun challenge! Thanks for the info.


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