Sunday, May 19, 2013

Book Review!

Multistrand Jewelry Secrets for Success

Published by Kalmbach Books

Kalmbach sent me this book at the end of March to review. Unfortunately, my mother developed Macular Degeneration at the same time but we didn't know what it was. After weeks of doctor visits and tons of tests, we got the bad news. At the same time, I was working on the "Diamonds in the Rough" Znet Design Team project. This book couldn't have come at a better time AND it is fabulous! So many ideas & creations! My muse had taken a nose dive due to LIFE and this was just what the Doctor ordered! My muse got going! Woohoo! :)))

It is 87 pages packed full of Design Alternatives, Techniques, Supply Lists, and "Secrets for Success" for each of the 31 projects. The step-by-step instructions have wonderful photographs and pictures that can walk you through each project.  Also, the extra tips and design alternatives are wonderful for getting the creative thinking moving!

The book begins with information on How To Use This Book, Basic Techniques, Tools & Materials, and Multistrand Secrets for Success. This is all very helpful especially for the beginner or less experienced enthusiast. 

Each of us who design, create, and develop jewelry know how important it is to keep everything we do fresh and unique. This book is designed to help with "ideas" and "imaginative creating". I feel it does that very well! The possibilities for multistrand jewelry are endless. 

To wet your appetite: 
Mint Medley pg 16

Gemstone Twist pg 60
Blue Ribbon Style pg 40


  1. Looks like a great book. I just got mine to review. Can't wait to dig in.

    1. It is a great book! So many "ideas" to get your creative spirit flowing!

  2. I do believe you have offered enough information that I will add this to my purchase/wish list!!

    1. Dyanne, It is a fabulous book! It has a ton of great projects with alternate ideas. I just loved it!


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