Monday, May 20, 2013

Earring Swap Blog Hop

Doesn't look like much does it!!!!!! 

WELL after the Bead Soup Blog Hop and the Znetshows "Diamonds in the Rough" Design Team Challenge, my muse FLED - like to another state! I even forgot my poor partner for a week or so because LIFE got in the way! Then one day I was sitting in my living room looking at the coffee table with piles of beads & wire MESS and remembered - Earring Swap!!! Oh dear, where was my phone (it was easier to get to than the computer), I needed to check e-mails. Sure enough, our wonderful host, Jessica Murray of Whimsical Monkey, had sent me two e-mails and my poor forgotten partner, Andrea Trank, had also contacted me. Time to get the Creative Thinking Skills in line and moving!!!

It's suppose to be Spring, but the weather has been terribly erratic. First cold (South Texas cold not Canada cold), then hot -in the 90's, then cool & windy, then hot like an oven - 98 with no humidity. Ugh!  :(   Naturally, we've had very little wet, but when it has rained, it's been awful with tornadoes and 50-70 mile hour winds. Of course, Texas weather is always changing from one extreme to another or hotter than you know what.  So I guess we should be used to it. But.....

Anyway, it's suppose to be Spring, so I thought of butterflies and hummingbirds. They're just beginning to come around! In one of her e-mails, Andrea had mentioned she liked copper. We have that in common, because I love wire work, especially copper!
Do you see the butterfly? I made chandelier butterfly earrings with crystals. In the sunlight, they sparkle with color like a butterfly. Andrea, I really hope you like them! :)

Exchange Time

Now that my project was complete and mailed off, I was waiting for Andrea to send me hers. Unfortunately, LIFE has gotten in the way for her as well. She has over-nighted them to me, so hopefully I will receive them tomorrow, Monday, May 20th. I am waiting with baited breath!!!!

Monday 6 p.m. ---- The mail has finally come! Yeah, my earrings are here! Woohoo, Yippee, Yeehaw, Wahoo!!!!!!  AND I LOVE THEM!  Beautiful Peruvian Opals with Beige Glass Pearls & Silver Accents. So very lovely, I will wear them often. Thank you Andrea!

This was such a fun Blog Hop! Thank you Jessica. I know it was a lot of work for you. Please, know we appreciate your efforts greatly & hope you will do this again. :)

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  1. You made an awesome work with copper, I really love the earrings you made!

    1. Thank you! Copper is fun to work with.

  2. Love the spirals! I can never seem to get mine even enough to make links like these >.< lol And the crystals add the perfect bit of sparkle :)

    1. Thanks Sky, I love working with wire - all kinds, but especially copper.

  3. Love the copper butterfly pretty. The opal ones you received are delightful. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks Nan, I love my opals! But it was fun making the butterflies!!!

  4. Nice wire work! I always worry that the second one will turn out the same size instead of 2x bigger...Love your opal earrings too, they are sweet! The wavy bead caps are a cool way to set it off.

    1. Many thanks Mary Anne. The butterfly chandeliers are really not hard to make. I love my opal earrings!

  5. What great wire work, spirals on your earrings for your partner. Love the little butterflies. And the earrings Andrea sent you are totally you. I know you'll love them and wear them often. What pretty opals.

    1. Thanks Kay, Yep love the opals! Totally me! Andrea couldn't have done better if she had tried! I even have two opal studs that will go well with them - Woohoo!

  6. Nice wire work and the earrings are so pretty. What a fun this swap, isn't it?!

    1. Pepita, this earring swap was a blast. I hope we can do it again someday! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. both of them turned out really well :)

  8. Very cute earrings ,loving the copper curls and the very soft blue colors.

    1. Thanks so much! They were fun to make. :)

  9. Karla, I love your design. When I look at them I DO think spring, fluttering and light with a touch of spring colors! Beautiful job!


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