Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pearls - "The Winter Diamonds!"

The Znet Shows' Dream Team is at it again! Many of us are working on Pearl creations for the upcoming Winter 2013/14 issue of Creative Spark, Znet Shows' Glossi magazine.

Pearls are known for being delicate, rare, fine, and valuable. Today, the majority sold are cultured or farmed. Imitation Pearls made of glass have become extremely popular in making beautiful & affordable jewelry, lavish clothing, and decorations.

The glass Pearl selections that Znet Shows have in their inventory are beautiful, high quality, and affordable.

The Pearls I chose & the Crystal accents.............
Pearls: (BDS1618-14)  6mm golden rounds
                      (BDS1619-23FIVE)  8mm bronze rounds
                    (BDS1923-36FIVE)   Vanilla rice pearls
Crystals: (ZMX-05-02)  6x4mm amber glow rondelles
        (ZMX-04-06)  autumn leaves teardrops

My Creations

 The wire is a combination of gold filled and rose gold filled.  

See Znet Show's Blog for the other Dream Team creations!


  1. Very pretty pieces. Love the color combo's. I'm still working on my last piece and then trying to get my pictures and bio together to get to Hope by Monday. Love that dangly bracelet.

    1. Thanks Kay. It's definitely been a busy month!


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