Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Review! - Project Necklaces

Project Necklaces 

by Kalmbach Publishers

This book has a wonderful variety of projects - 30 in all - using wirework, stringing, and stitching techniques. It is designed for beginners as well as the more experienced designer.

Beginners can benefit from pages 10 & 11 with Necklace Fitting 101. These two pages are designed to help you find the perfect length for your designs; choker & collar length, princess length, matinee length, opera length, and lariats & ropes. Learning how to custom tailor your necklaces to fit each individual you design for is a must!

I liked the way this book was divided; Stringing, Single Stitches, Combined Techniques, & Wirework. Each section has projects that a beginner would find simple enough and at the same time could spark the imagination of the more experienced.

The first section is simple stringing projects. Totally designed for the beginner.

But the second Section of Single Stitches has a little versatility in it. For example, the Peacock Fan on pages 22-24 is a fairly simple beading project.

and the Get to the Point necklace on pages 31-33 is a little more advanced single beading stitch.

I totally fell in love with the Autumn Garland necklace on pages 39-41 in the third section under Combined Techniques and .......
the Elementary Engineering project on pages 54-57. This project is actually two necklaces with the same techniques but allowing for creativity in design & imagination for the more advanced beader.

My love is actually in the last section under Wirework. The project on pages 66-67, Raining Petals, gave me inspiration for my latest project with ZnetShows' Pearl Challenge.
This is the necklace I made for the Pearl Challenge.

One of my next projects will be inspired by Sew Wired on pages 73-75. This is a combination of buttons, wire, and chain. I can totally see incorporating beads & copper into this project to personalize it.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Kalmbach did a wonderful job with the pictures, instructions & art work.


  1. Looks like a great book. I love that Autumn Garland. Need to get the book and check that one out. And your Pearl challenge necklace turned out great. I'm still working on mine.

  2. Looks like a well-designed book, Karla... thanks for sharing!


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