Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toast of the Town - Michael's Blog Hop - Step 2

As you can probably guess, I was able to start the process of the project but ran into glitches. Glitches are the story of my life lately!

Anyway, glitches aside, here is the picture of the beads I intended to use.

The beads I finally settled on are: the square & rectangular brown/beige glass, the vintage pearls (about 75 or 80 years old), the ceramic green/blue/brown triangles with black ceramic beads, the shell, and on the plate, I used the tiger's eye tear drops, the tiny 1mm bicone dark brown Czech crystals, and the bicone light brown Czech crystals. All these are in the picture. The rest I put back in my stash for other projects.

In addition, I added faceted Czech crystals that are blue/brown to tie in the blue from the ceramic beads and copper beads. I forgot to take a picture of these beads but you can see them in the pictures below.

This is my necklace finished with the vintage brass pin that I took apart to use as a toggle. Unfortunately, that wonderful idea wasn't so wonderful! It didn't work. The glue I was using wouldn't hold the adapted pin to the toggle. It really needs to be soldered, but it was too late at night to get those tools out. Besides my eyes were too tired! So I have saved that soldering pin project for another bead/wire project. No sweat, back into the soup it goes until another time!

Step 2 - Plan B #3

When I'm working on a project, I always have at least 2 or 3 Plan B's!

I decided to try my hand making my my own toggle and clasp out of 20 gauge bronze copper wire I have in my stash. It worked! Unfortunately, I don't think this wire is really heavy enough to handle the weight of the beads, so I might have to remake the toggle & clasp. However, I first want to wear it & see what happens!

I think the toggle & clasp turned out pretty good! I was surprised at how easy it was to make. I took the ideas out of a Wire Book I have from two different projects. I doubled the wire on the clasp & made my own "set". Now if it will only hold the weight. For kicks I will probably remake the toggle & clasp just in case the lighter gauge wire doesn't hold up. First I need to buy 16 gauge wire.


 Finished necklace! I love it!

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  1. Love the way this turned out. The colors are great. And I like your clasp, although I agree with you, you'll probably need a heavier gauge wire for the clasp. Hope you get your pin figured out for a clasp.


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