Sunday, April 1, 2012

Button Swap Blog Hop

A button swap blog hop? What is that? This is new to me & all I know is I swap buttons with someone else in another place & CREATE. 

Buttons come in all sizes, shapes, colors, & ages. What can you do with buttons? What can you do with someones's buttons? Imaginations will have to be tapped!

So I am swapping buttons with a woman in California. We'll see what she sends me. I am going through all my buttons. Believe me I have lots & lots of buttons. I used to have some vintage buttons that were my grandmothers'. Maybe I can find some of them. The creation needs to be complete by May 13th. Keep tuned!

For all you button swappers out there -- HAPPY BUTTON SWAPPING & CREATING!


  1. Got my partner. She's from Newburgh, NY. Sound familiar? Anyway, now to find some buttons I can swap with her.

    1. Yeah howdy. Don't we just love NY. Been visiting there a lot lately! One of my projects tomorrow is to find buttons worthy of sending to my partner.


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