Sunday, August 3, 2014

Haberdashery Blog Hop

This blog hop really excited me when I ran across it! Why? Because it's being hosted by Melissa Trudinger of Bead Recipes from Australia!  In October, my husband & I are going to Australia & New Zealand; first as delegates for a religious convention & then 6 more weeks for our anniversary!  We are so excited!!!!! It will be another trip of a life time! But that is another post NOT THIS ONE!

SO......... Melissa invited us to use fabric, buttons, ribbon, etc... to create something of a HABERDASHERY - haby for short.  Since, I have a habit of collecting, as I think many of us do....., leftover pieces of things, broken jewelry items, odds & ends, buttons, etc... this was going to be a FUN challenge!  She has even created a Pinterest Board.

THANK  YOU  MELISSA  for hosting & the excitingly interesting Pinterest Board! I just love adjectives!

One of my odds & ends is the lovely little CHICKLET from Sue Beads for the Chicklet Design Challenge hosted by Rita of Toltec Jewels

This was the first creation in my design. I started it well over a year ago for something to do with buttons. As you can see it is DIFFERENT! So while I was looking at this focal, ideas began popping for the Chicklet Design Challenge. So the necklace came next that incorporated the two hops together.

 Of course, I love sets! So earrings & a bracelet came next ......

In all the pieces, if you really look, you can see beads of various kinds; african paper, african trading, ceramic, glass, coral, etc...; buttons of all varieties & ages; odds & ends from various broken & found things (I love to recycle or as Rita calls it "Upcycle") Thanks Rita, I love that word!!!!! I even think on my bracelet I have another "found" bead from Sue Beads.

I hope you enjoy my Eclectic wonderings & creations!

Now off to the Haberdashery - want to join me! Click here for the "Hopping List"!


  1. Love the rich warmth of the colors in your set, and how well all the different elements work together.

  2. I am so inspired to get out some of my wayward pieces and make a fun piece like your necklace. I love the chain and dangles. Great work!

  3. Your pieces are great examples of a "found treasures" design; very pretty and how intelligent of you to club the 2 hops together

  4. I love your decorated buttons! And the unique focal! And the eclectic choice of beads for your designs that made me come back for another look! And the mismatched earrings, oh!

  5. That is a great way to use buttons! I have so many like yours, stashed away, patiently awaiting use...your design has inspired me to go find them! Thank you!

  6. What a wonderful way of joining the two hops! I love the ecclectic elements, the rich color palette, the different materials. This is a great set you created.

  7. Fabulous set, and so eclectic! I love the mix of elements, all the buttons and bits and bobs! Thank you for joining my blog hop!

  8. A great piece and use of 'upcycling'.

  9. What a fun mix of ingredients you joined together to make up these pieces. You did a really great job with this challenge and it looks like you had some fun too.


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