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BOOK REVIEW! - Easy Beading Vol. 9

 Easy Beading - Vol. 9 

by Kalmbach Publishers

This is a fabulous hard cover book! Of course, I love books and Kalmbach is a really good publisher. So what's not to like!

The book is a compilation of projects from Bead Style magazines; which are never out-of-date! So if you missed an issue or didn't see as many as you wanted - like me - this book is for you! 

I love that Cathy Jakicic, the editor of Bead Style Magazine, organized the book by materials. So if you have a favorite or if you'd like to try something new, you can jump right in! Each chapter is color coded and the color is noted at the bottom of each page! So easy to use! :)
  • Gemstones
  • Crystals
  • Metal & Chain
  • Glass, Ceramic, & Pearls
  • Mixed Media
 There are so many wonderful projects that it's really hard to pick favorites. Each project is crammed full of Notes, Ideas, Alternate Ideas, Suggestions, and more. There is also a long list of Supplies for each including materials & tools. I love that Shopping Notes are given in many projects to help us find particular products for that project. So whether you are a beginning beader or a more experienced one, the creative ideas will FLOW!

Gemstones - 9 projects in 21 pages

Two of my favorite projects in this section:

"A Beader's Prerogative" is a multi-strand necklace with a very interesting clasp that allows for removing or adding strands for versatility! Lovely!

"All Dressed in White" is a gorgeous necklace that can double as a purse handle! I really have to try this because my phone cover doubles as purse with a chain handle. I'm going to make it a "necklace" instead of the plain chain. How cool is that!!!! AND there are instructions for matching earrings! Twice the BLING!

Crystals - 10 projects in 25 pages

Crystals are the new "diamond" and come in so many shapes these day!

"Palette Play" is a combination of crystals and subtle gemstones in another multi-strand necklace, two bracelets, and two pairs of earrings. They can be worn together as one set or as separate sets. 

"Crystal Lattice Bracelet" is for those of us who like to seed bead. It's has a very delicate appearance. The instructions are easy to follow even for the beginner. Bonus earrings to match!

"A Necklace for a New Year" would be gorgeous made out of gold & crystals or silver & crystals. It is definitely a STATEMENT piece. There are instructions for matching earrings, too!

Mixed Media - 29 projects in 67 pages

My absolute FAVORITE section! There are crystals, lucite, metal, leather, chain, fabric, wire, bezels, and so much more!

"Flared Flower Earrings" are a delicate pairing of crystals and lucite that dangle beautifully!

"Exploring Patterns & Rhythms" brings jewelry to music. WHAT? It's a definite play on metaphors. Three single strands that perfectly harmonize in color & beads which can be worn separately or together. Earrings can be made to match.

"Rhapsody in (Faux) Rivets" stacks metal and glass on bead bars for a stylish necklace & earring set. I would add a bracelet to this set and incorporate buttons. This is one of my favorite projects! 

"Pick a Cherry Blossom Bracelet" embellishes rings by wire wrapping lucite flowers and crystals.  There are instructions for earrings as well. These designs remind me of Spring! Beautiful!

Pearls - 13 projects in 35 pages

Beautiful creations to wear day or night!

"Petals & Pearls" is a bracelet of seed beads around rice pearls. I want to try this with a variety of shape & color combinations. This is a great project for beginners to create something of beauty.

"Ombre Impression" is a triple strand necklace, bracelet, and earring SET! I love sets AND this one is beautiful!

 Metal and Chain - 22 projects in 53 pages

This section features "the imagination" to combine metal, chain, beads, string, wire, shell, crystals, and more. There are so many projects to wet the beading appetite!


"Mad for Metals"  is a mixture of metal and chain with a vintage-meets-modern idea in a necklace, bracelet, and earring set. Fabulous!

"String Art" has made a come back! Two ideas for earrings of thread wrapped around wire. Memories of the late 1970's and early 1980's!

"Filigree Leaf Drops" can be made into earrings, pendants, or charms.

"Sport Some Sparkle" creates links made from chain wrapped with flower-shaped margarita crystals. These can be linked together to make unique, personalized sets of jewelry.

Glass and Ceramic - 6 projects in 17 pages

Last but not least is this chapter of combining glass & ceramic to make attractive "statement" pieces!

"Telegraph Your Style" wire wraps pieces of glass combined with pearls and chain. Insulator chards of glass are used which often look like pieces of sea glass. 

"Shades of the Shoreline" strings Venetian glass in a bright palette of blues and greens. This inspired my imagination to think of other lovely color combinations. 

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have! 

Many thanks to Kalmbach for publishing it!



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