Monday, August 1, 2016

ZNetShows Summer Spark Reveal 2016

Hi All! 
Yes, it's been a very long time since I've posted a blog. Life has definitely thrown us some curves. My mother and my mother-in-law both have serious health issues and we've been doing a lot of caretaking. Happy to do it, but it has put a HUGE dent in my creative time!

So .... I was ECSTATIC when Hope Smitherman from Crafty Hope sent me an email asking if I wanted to participate in ZNetShows Creative Spark Summer 2016 e-magazine Palettes Project! Yeah baby! I was more than ready!

There are 24 lovely, creative, highly motivated, and wonderfully innovative artisans published in this magazine. It's been a blast to read!

As for me, I got busy & created 2 necklaces, 3 pair of earrings, a couple of bracelets (one still in the works) & a pendant. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to do a non-jewelry item. :(   
Most of the beads I used came from ZNetShows. They have a wonderful array of Cultured Sea Glass, Sea Glass Beads, Wholesale Beads, Chinese Crystal Beads, Glass Pearls along with many more beads! 

Can't you just see Summer sun tans with freshly painted toenails in bright colors.

Materials:  4 mm red crystals, gold wire w/ Cultured Sea Glass Pendants PMX9-B02 Jet Black free form drops

 Tropical Waters Set

This set is in honor of our scuba diving trip in the tropical, clear, sparkling waters full of colorful sea life off the coast of Australia  in December, 2014. While diving we played with & fed huge turtles, petted friendly Parrot Fish, tryed not to step on Woebegone Sharks which settle in the sand and look just like rocks & swam inches from curious Nurse sharks. BLAST! Oh Yeah, & we dove a cave 4 days straight. Each time we saw something different. The Lobsters look like alien creatures with glowing eyes in the dark. So Cool!

Materials:  gold wire w/PMX3-B33 Royal Blue Cultured Sea Glass double-hole flat freeform mix Pendants, PMX3-B22  Olive Cultured Sea Glass double-hole flat freeform mix Pendants, and S03-86FIVE  Moonstone Opal 4mm Cultured Sea Glass round beads
Wear "Evening Bling" with your little black dress!

Materials: gold wire, blue crystals w/ RS274-105 Metallic Copper faceted Chinese Crystal designer glass rondelles & PMX9-B02 Jet Black freeform Cultured Sea Glass Pendants top side drilled drops 

This was not only my work station for all these projects but in the lower left corner you can see the beginnings of an eclectic beaded bracelet. To date it's about 1 inch from being finished. Every time I sit down to finish it something else happens. Maybe this week! I live in HOPE! :) 

I hope you enjoy ZNetShows Creative Spark 2016 e-magazine. If you get a chance, check out their blogspot as well 

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  1. such beautiful designs! I saw your pendent in the magazine but didn't realize the design was summer sandals - how cool! that evening bling set is stunning - wow!


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