Sunday, April 6, 2014


The saying goes: "Time seems to fly by when you're having fun!"  Lately it flies whether I'm having fun or not.  Not so long ago; February to be exact - MY HOW TIME FLIES! -  Rita with Toltec Jewels put out an invitation to join in this "dreamy" blog hop. Kindly she mailed all 50 participants a beautiful "jewel" ; an orphan/ooak bead created by artist Patricia Handschuh of The Color of Dreams Boutique.

I have so many dreams; past, present, and hopefully future, fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled! However, this bead made me think of a blend of dreams in the present tense. See how the flowers overlap!

Most of us long for the "time" to spend quality time with our spouse, children, and parents. But we are so busy with "Life", our quality time together seems very limited and we "dream" of more time together! 

Recently I retired after 40+ years! I can now spend quality time with my mother, who is now widowed. I see her in the daisy! Then there is the rose which reminds me of my loving husband. We get to spend every day together either making jams, salts, & salsas for a new growing business venture we started as a hobby several years ago, sharing in a variety of volunteer projects, working on our house or yard, or just "resting" and planning trips together. (I know I said I retired, but there's retired and then there's RETIRED!) Lastly, I see my daughter in the the 1/2 rose. Her life is full with her husband but still connected with us. Truly a blend of  "dreams" now realities!

Many "dreams" are attached!

I enameled the "dreams" in a variety of colors to match my "jewel".  I now have time to create jewelry and explore my artistic dreams!


Some dreams "bling" and others are more concrete. Some are bold & bright while others are faint and presently indistinct! 

Whatever your dreams, Keep dreaming! Our dreams help us forge through life's challenges!
I believe if we dream, we can achieve and succeed!

Thank you Rita for hosting this wonderful blog hop and for sending out those lovely little "jewels"!
Thank you Patricia for creating them!

Now I'm off to blog hop and see what others are dreaming! 
Come on, join me:

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  1. How much do I love what you created? totally! wish I had it on my wrist right now!!! ;) xox jean

  2. Karla your bracelet is wonderful. It's great that you made each flower represent a significant person in your life. The symbolism is perfect as is your execution.

  3. I love enameling! It makes your bead pop!

  4. Isn't it interesting that we seem MORE busy since love your did an excellent job with the rings and getting them to match the bead. Your whole piece is exquisite! and so full of memories and dreams. Great job and thanks for posting.

  5. Gorgeous enameling work to echo the beautiful focal bead. I love how you saw your family in the focal bead. Sweet.

  6. Karla, I was so touched reading your impressions! And what a beautiful way to interpret your intertwined dreams with the amazing enameled links. It is such a pleasure to visit your blog and see you growing as a writer, a jewelry artist and a photographer :) Keep dreaming, because your dreams will take you far!

  7. Nice use of color.

  8. I see your enameling is coming along really well. It looks great as does your bracelet. I can relate to your dreams. By the way, I finished my BSBH piece with your grandmother's vintage lucite. I think you will be pleased.

  9. This is awesome!! I love the enamel colors and the design! Fabulous!

  10. I just love how your dreams overlap and touch different people in your life. The bracelet with its links are perfect to symbolize that overlap.

  11. I love your story! I think you are truly living your dream. And seeing how you identify each portion of the bead is so precious. Thank you for sharing that. Love the enameling, it makes the bracelet even more unique, just like our dreams!

  12. Really love the symbolism and the look! Great Job!!! Have a Blessed Day!

  13. Great bracelet. And Yay! You got to enamel. I haven't had time to do any enameling yet. Love the colors in the links and the bead. Love the interpretation, too.

  14. Your piece is beautiful, I really want to try enameled some day.


  15. Metal, colors. love, dreams and family. All in one bracelet. I just started on enameling myself. Thank you for sharing your dreams with me.

  16. You really brought life to your piece with such vibrant color and I love the enameled rings. I feel all the love you have for your family and love how they are described through out your beautiful bead.

  17. Perfect - I was instantly drawn to your design, as I have just started my adventure in enameling! Beautiful analysis of your dream / bead, and beautiful way to interpret the intricacies of relationships, their multi-dimensional aspect and blend so well reflected in the enamel. Love it!

  18. I LOVE the copper! OMGoodness! SO, SO pretty! I'm dreaming one day I'll be like your daughter and fulfilling a dream for a husband and family, while still able to connect with my family =) Wonderful!

  19. I love your concept of the bracelet with your dreams making up the body of the work surrounding the "jewel" which is your heart. Lovely creation and great post to read.I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

  20. Stunning bracelet, I love the enameling, it sets the bead off perfectly. I am glad you get to spend time with your mom and doing things that make you happy. Lovely bracelet!

  21. How lovely! I really like how you connected your dream to your bracelet--the intertwined links, the meaning of the flowers... Simply wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing!

  22. Love the enameled beads and what a wonderful sentiment of your dream. The bracelet is very creative and unique.

  23. This turned out great - your enameling is fantastic.

  24. Love this piece. Your colors are so well blendid. Fabulos job.

  25. What a beautiful post and incredible art jewelry creation! Your bracelet is outstanding! So amazing, another star of the show! And I love your thoughts on dreams and your jewel, your dear family: a blend of dreams in the present tense. How wonderful it is that you get to enjoy life with passion for your loves -- jewelry arts, culinary arts, your mom and your husband and your daughter. Your friendship with each of them shines through, and your appreciation feels likes wings to make any dream possible! You are an inspiration.

    And the enameling! Wow, I'm impressed and fell in love with your bracelet. Rich, warm, happy, comfortable -- and yet also sophisticated and chic. Outstanding design and talent! It's a beautiful bracelet, Karla.
    Thank you for sharing your dreams and successes and joy with us -- and thank you for sharing your talents! It's an honor to have you in our hop. xxoo Rita

  26. Gasp! That's stunning! Beautiful enamelling. Love your post xxx

  27. That bead is gorgeous, and what you've done to it is truly beautiful. Another home run, Karla! Christie

  28. Those colours, wow... I love the idea of enamelling your dreams, as beautiful symbols! And... soooo important, enjoy the quality time you have now!

  29. I love how the bead reminded you of so many important people in your life. And how you put the whole piece together ! Sorry this comment took so long, this week has been a little heretic.


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