Monday, October 7, 2013

A Key Chain Isn't Just A Key Chain Anymore!

A few days ago, Hope Smitherman contacted the Znet Shows Design Team for a Key Chain Lightening Round. Ten of us were sent a couple of key chains & two choices of Chinese crystals.     This was a FUN lightening round because ......

A little "blingy thing" can jazz up a key chain OR...... a purse, a zipper pull, a fan pull, the rear view mirror in the car or a door to a cabinet.

These two include small Sahara Green Chinese crystals (RS202-120); larger 8x5mm Perennial Flower Chinese crystals (zmx-13-01); and keychain clasps (FJ776-01) from Znet Shows. In addition, I've included copper & brass.

A zipper pull to add a little "bling to a jacket.

             A little "bling" for a purse!

                                                    or a "blingy" key chain!

Now that you've seen my newest "blingy things" check out the other 9 Design Team's creations coming soon to ZnetShows' blogspot.


  1. Karla, those are GREAT! I'm so glad you went over all the different ways those can be used. The mix of metals you added really allow your creations to go with just about anything! Well done!

  2. They turned out really cool. Still have to try to finish my last idea when I get home. But I got the first two pieces done and posted before we left.


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