Monday, October 1, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party - Reveal Part 2

My Finished Bead Project

It took me a few more weeks than expected to finish this project due to the complications from two major surgeries on August 20th. At last it is done. It was a blast! Here are the beads my partner, KK Koon sent me.

Two of the beads could be focal points so I used both and incorporated them together. The large shell had a hole for a bale but the smaller one had amber in it with no hole. I wire wrapped it and attached them together. Naturally I didn't have the proper wire for wrapping and couldn't get out to get any, so I used round wire. Very interesting! 

I love wire so I used copper and vintage bronze copper. Of course, I couldn't just make a necklace with the focal beads. I made ear rings and a bracelet. I used the clasp KK sent me on the bracelet as a dangle with a bead attached because it was such a pretty little heart.

 This was a fun challenge learning to use wire in different ways. Many of my friends who've stopped by to see me while recuperating have enjoyed watching this project come together. But not as much as I've enjoyed creating it. Finished at last and now to wear it in public!

 What I discovered yesterday was that I wish I had a bracelet to attach to my copper watch face. So guess what?! I'm going to make that this week with the rest of the beads KK sent me. Will post that picture ASAP.


  1. Looks like they all turned out great. Love all the dangles. Be sure to post on the Bead Soup facebook page, so everyone knows to check out your post.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love that you put both focals together, too. I'm jealous. I so wish I could wire wrap! I've tried, mine always looks so mangled. The copper looks awsome with those colors, too, why didn't I think of that!?! Great pieces Karla! And you know, I think I like your idea to use the heart box clasp as a charm…mind if I copy for mine? :)

  3. Beautiful work! I love your double pendant wraps! so glad you're feeling better :)

  4. Beautiful! The wire work on the pendants is fantastic!

  5. Very nice, love all the wire work.


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