Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Braunfels Wein and Saengerfest

              May 5th a.k.a. Cinco de Mayo was HOT and humid. While the temperature was in the high 90's, the heat index was 100 degrees. This does not bode well for us as summer isn't here yet, but it sure feels like it! The crowds were not as heavy as expected probably due to the heat.
            Although the turnout wasn't huge, we had a wonderful time visiting with the many families that stopped by our booth to sample jams, candies, and salts. For the wine fest we made a variety of jams with what else? Wine and Champagne! They are delicious and several are very mild and child friendly.
           These varieties are for a limited time. They include: Grape Gerwuztraminer Jalapeno, Blueberry Wine Habanero, Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon Habanero, Apple Chardonnay Tuscan Pepper, Cherry Pinot Noir Oriental Hot Chile, Mandarin Orange Spumanti Anaheim, Peach Champagne Ancho, Pear Chianti Ancho, Pear Moscato Habanero, Raspberry Champagne Anaheim Habanero and Strawberry Champagne Chipotle.
             Like all our jams, the wine and champagne jams range in heat strengths from mild to hot. Some of the favorites were the Strawberry Champagne Chipotle, Grape Gerwuztraminer Jalapeno and Blueberry Wine Habanero. 

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